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Individual – An individual Global Rescue membership covers one member under the age of 75 for anywhere from seven days to one year. Individual memberships automatically include medical services, and can be upgraded to include security services as well. Plans can be purchased on a short-term or annual basis.

Family – Family memberships cover families with up to four dependent children under the age of 18, and up to age 23 if the children are enrolled as full-time students. As with individuals, family memberships can cover anywhere from seven days to an entire year’s worth of travel, and include medical coverage with optional security coverage. Plans can be purchased on a short-term or annual basis.

Student – Global Rescue offers year-long student memberships to any full-time student under the age of 35. Student plans include medical services, with optional security services available.

Extended – Global Rescue offers annual and short-term membership plans to travelers age 75-85, contingent upon completion of a medical form and physician’s medical verification.

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