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Official IGFA World Record Measuring Device ATL
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Official IGFA World Record Measuring Device ATL
IGFA Launches New All-Tackle Length Record Category!
After several years in the making, IGFA is pleased to announce its newest record category: All-Tackle Length. What makes this so different from any of IGFA’s other categories, you ask? For the first time in history, IGFA will have a category that will award records for the longest fish and not the heaviest. While not meant to replace or usurp IGFA’s venerable records based on weight, this category will offer a new means of awarding angler achievement.
In addition it will differ from traditional IGFA records in several key aspects. First, this is an absolutely 100% release category where fish must be returned to the water alive and unharmed. It is important to note that IGFA does not require that fish be killed for its traditional weight records and that many record fish are indeed released. However, since fish in this category need not be transported to scales on land, IGFA decided to go with a full release format. Accordingly, fish that are entered for the All-Tackle length category are not eligible for weight categories.
As the name implies, this new category will allow the use of fly and conventional tackle up to 130 lb with the typical provisions and regulations of traditional All-Tackle records accompanied with a few exceptions. Gaffs may not be used in any fashion to land fish for All-Tackle length records. Instead of certified scales, this category will utilize a standardized measuring device. All fish that are entered for All-Tackle length records must be measured on an official IGFA Measuring Device, which can be purchased online at the IGFA website and through several major fishing tackle retailers. Initially, only a subset of IGFA record species will be eligible for the All-Tackle Length category. As is the case with traditional IGFA All-Tackle records, fish must be considered “trophy sized” to fill a vacant record. IGFA defines trophy sized as the upper 50% of the fish’s maximum length and minimum lengths have been assigned to individual species.
This list can be found on page 185 of the 2013IGFA World Record Game Fishes book, as well as in the International Angling Rules available to download in seven languages athttp://www.igfa.org/Fish/INTERNATIONAL-ANGLING-RULES.aspx. Anglers that qualify for an All-Tackle Length record will receive a record certificate and award letter signed by IGFA President, Rob Kramer. In addition, anglers will also receive a species fact sheet for the fish they caught that highlights interesting facts about the species’ biology and also include proper catch and release protocols.