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Liquid Safari
Liquid Safari

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Take an underwater journey through various marine landscapes and see a variety of fishes in their natural habitat.
  • Using a technique called freediving, or breath-hold diving, you'll have front row seats to witness the widest collection of wild Southern California fishes ever compiled!

    The video is over 1 hour long and is presented in 2 main sections, each over 30 minutes:

    Section 1, Coastal Marine Environment:
    In this section, we explore the coastal marine environment, the sandy shoreline, the rocky and mixed rock sand shoreline, and the deeper rocky bottom regions, which are dominated by the Giant Bladder Kelp. We also cover the 3 wrasses that live off Southern California and the food chain. The food chain is abundant with phytoplankton and zooplankton. This rich food chain often results in green water and poor visibility, however it supports an abundance of baitfish, which in turn feed larger predatory fishes.

    Section 2, Offshore Marine Environment:
    In this section, we cover fish and sightings at the Channel Islands, Los Coronado Islands, Tanner and Cortez banks. We also cover kelp paddies and some migratory yellowfin tuna which usually appear briefly in the late summer when the water is at its warmest. We'll spend more time with other popular gamefish and sportfish such as yellowtail, white seabass, black seabass (protected), barracuda, bonito and calico bass.

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